When to update your website

Mom always told us never judge a book by its cover. Sorry, Mom. When it comes to a bad or outdated website, people are gonna judge.

It takes all of 50 milliseconds to form a first impression.

The fleeting encounter is the premise for a  consumer’s decision to stay on your website, learn about your product and make a purchase – or not.

It’s a no-brainer then to place emphasis on the following-


Almost all consumers’ first blush with your website will depend on your design. It’s important to keep up with the evolving trends. This can include color, shapes, themes and motion as well as giving over a cleaner look.


As time evolves – and it does quite rapidly! – more data becomes available that indicates users’ tendencies. Use this information to enhance user-experience and advance your click-rate.


Go for functionality to keep up with the competition. Examples of the possibilities include social media integration, Google Analytics, payment portals, user dashboards, reservation systems, Ecommerce and so on.


Keep pace with any visual or messaging changes you implement for your brand by updating your website to reflect them. Those visiting your site expect your website to represent who you currently are and the values you stand for.


Make sure you are loyal to your clients by being up-to-the-minute and standard-compliant with all security protocols. This involves regular website and backend management updates.


With more than half of website traffic stemming from the mobile sector, your website is going to have to be mobile-friendly BIG-TIME. Ensure optimized mobile-usage experience to tap into the majority of potential customers.

Fresh Content

You’lll want to keep updating your website content with fresh, engaging and relevant material that will up reader-interest and SEO-pull for maximizing Google rankings that facilitate search results.

And there’s one last thing.

Mom may not have been right about first impressions in relation to websites, but she hit it on the nail regarding customers.

Don’t judge a visitor to your site by initial interaction. That person or business you never dreamed would lead to anything substantial may actually become the catalyst to your greatest profits!

Until next time