Website traffic

You want to make more money, right? Today, the most strategic method is to increase traffic to your website.

So here goes –

6 smart tips that’ll invite visitors to your site.


SEO Best Practices

Make sure your text is arranged accurately with proper H1, H2 headers and p-tags. Add a meta-description when needed, index pages properly and verify if site-speed is optimal. All in all, you’ll want to establish that you set up the website in a manner that Google will be happy to easily read through.


Original Content

Make sure your site has engaging content. After all, in the world of Google rankings “Content is King”, “the meat” of your website that holds visitors’ attention. Go for exciting creative thoughts that relate to you and your brand, encourage interest and make you stand out. And as time passes, remember to update posts!


Paid Advertising

Supplement organic searches with PPC and social media ads. It’s a strategy that works! Studies indicate that combining the two advances your chances in connecting with your targeted audience - viewers that need and/or want the product or service you offer. It actually can increase website traffic by 76%!


Social Media

Use the power of social media to engage people, impress them with your genuineness and gather a following. Don’t directly sell. Gain trust and attention by posting entertaining content/videos, responding to posts with replies, retweets and tagging, using hashtags and intertwining your posts with calls to action that’ll have them visit your site.


Eblast Newsletters

The advent of mass emailing combined with customizing tools enables personalized communication with targeted audiences while significantly empowering website traffic flow. Optimize results by making it mobile friendly and including a persuading subject line, engaging content, a clickable link, and appealing visuals!


Gifts & Freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Capitalize on this side of human nature to procure prospective customer contact information, gain leads and draw visitors to your website. Entice your audience to follow your objectives through Linkedin groups or other forums with offers to enter contests and win prizes, free downloads, gift cards and cash!

Until next time