LinkedIn messaging that works

Wish you had the connections to advertise your business without paying a cent? You do. It’s called Linkedin!

Linkedin is one of the greatest tools to build relationships and grow your business. Though you don’t have to invest money, there are definite rules in being successful.

Here are some of the important ones, used by someone who has been there, done that and seen the results big time –  
Brand Right founder, Chaya Fischman. 


Tell Stories

Stories are the golden nuggets that increase following and subsequent sales. Your values shine through stories. It tells people what you care about and what makes you tick.


Become a Giver

The platform is all about giving, so see how you can help your connections. As you do it, bear in mind that you’re trying to build up your community.


Show Your Interests

Avoid content you’re not drawn to by liking and commenting on posts that interest you. Give the algorithms 2 weeks to learn who and what you want to see. You will be shown a more relevant feed.


Develop Popularity

True, Linkedin’s not a popularity contest. Nevertheless, the more likes and comments you get on a post, the further your message is pushed and the bigger audience you will have.


Interact with Others

You simply can’t show up to be a taker. Everyone can sniff out a poster that doesn’t interact. Nobody likes it and it makes you look selfish, so go ahead - like and comment away on other people’s posts!


Connect Properly

Connect with people who fit into your community or potential client market. Connect also with people in your industry, active everyday posters, those who like and comment on your posts and others who’ve viewed your profile.

It’s true: Linkedin connections = More Sales.

The more connections you have the more exposure you’ll get. The more exposure you get, the greater your influence. The greater influence you have the more sales you make.

Until next time