Cranford Rehab and Nursing Center is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of every individual in our care. Our goal is to enable each resident to be as independent as possible. We are able to accomplish this goal with our 24-hour skilled nursing staff and highly trained and dedicated rehabilitation staff. Cranford Rehab and Nursing Center provides quality care in an environment which empowers residents to continue to lead happy and meaningful lives.

Cranford Rehab and Nursing Center is a 200 bed skilled nursing facility located in Cranford, N.J. providing expert short term rehabilitation and long term care. We offer advanced rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery, stroke, heart attack or traumatic injury. Cranford Rehab and Nursing employs an experienced staff of doctors, nurses and therapists to ensure the highest standard quality of care and outcomes.

We are conveniently located near Overlook, Trinitas, and RWJ Barnabas and Rahway.



Israel Broyde

p  908.272.6660 ext 133
c  908.552.5552
e  Ibroyde@cranfordrehab.com

Monique Coriolan
Director of Nursing

p  908.272.6660 ext 144
e  Mcoriolan@cranfordrehab.com

Ruth Fils-Aima
Assistant Director of Nursing

p  908.272.6660 ext 117
e  Ruthf@cranfordrehab.com

Keisma Hill
Unit Manager WING 5

p  908.272.6660 ext 113
c  908.552.5552
e  Khill@cranfordrehab.com

Fallon Dumont
Unit Manager WING 2&4

p  908.272.6660 ext 119
e  Fdumont@cranfordrehab.com

Jason Banez
Director of Rehab

p  908.272.6660 etx 129
e  Sup.CranfordHealth@Tendertouch.com

Heather Bales
Director of Social Service

p  908.272.6660 ext 147
e  Hbales@cranfordrehab.com

Bo Kim
Social Service

p  908.272.6660 ext 135
e  Bkim@cranfordrehab.com

Sara Kushner
Director of Admissions

p  908.272.6660 ext 143
c  908.514.3410
e  Skushner@cranfordrehab.com

Jordan Olson
Hospital/Marketing Liaison

p  908.272.6660 ext 143
c  908.285.2199
e  Jolson@cranfordrehab.com

Sharon Morgan
Admissions and Marketing

p  908.272.6660 ext 143
c  908.552.5951
e  Smorgan@cranfordrehab.com

Jerome Brown
Director of Maintenance

p  908.272.6660 ext 115
e  Jbrown@cranfordrehab.com

Cesar Velarde
Director of Housekeeping

p  908.272.6660 ext 139
e  Cvelarde@cranfordrehab.com

Nancy Patel
Director of Recreation

p  908.272.6660 ext 128
c  908.552.5951
e  Npatel@cranfordrehab.com

John Van-Guilder
Director of Dietary

p  908.272.6660 ext 126
e  Jvanguilder@cranfordrehab.com

John Forbes
MDS Coordinator WING (1-4)

p  908.272.6660 ext 102
e  Jforbes@cranfordrehab.com

Veronica Gomez
MDS Coordinator WING 5

p  908.272.6660 ext 137
e  Vgomez@cranfordrehab.com

Monique Williams
Director of Human Resources

p  908.272.6660 ext 118
e  Mwilliams@cranfordrehab.com

Shanna Ellison
Medical Records

p  908.272.6660 ext 111
e  Sellison@cranfordrehab.com

Pamela Rodriguez

p  908.272.6660 ext 100
e  prodriguez@cranfordrehab.com

Helen Bullard

p  908.272.6660 ext 100
e  Hbullard@cranfordrehab.com

Sharon Phillips-South
Business Offfice Manager

p   908.272.6660 ext 132
e  Ssouth@cranfordrehab.com

Shawnee Dewitt
Accounts Payable and Concierge

p   908.272.6660 ext 112
e   Sdewitt@cranfordrehab.com



The Nurses and Aides were all so wonderful, caring, kind and helpful. I could not have asked for better care and better people.   ROSE

My Wife came to Cranford for Physical therapy following a broken hip. The therapy department was excellent with my Wife and we were able to get her back home quickly. I would recommend Cranford Rehab to anyone in need of fast and efficient care.   GEORGE