Case Study: Me & Coca Cola?

How could you even compare the two?! As one of the most well-known brands across the globe, Coca-Cola enjoys a level of recognition that you probably can’t compete with.

But guess what?

Using the consistency employed by the giant corporation can certainly get you places!

Coca-Cola has been around for more than 130 years. They understand the importance of ongoing advertising. Yet, they’ve kept their brand communiqué relatively the same throughout.

And get this:

Investing highly in marketing with a whopping budget of about 4.3 billion, Coca-Cola chooses to remain conservatively stable, continuously tweaking their advertising solely to complement their original dependable message.

Simply said, advertising with consistency is one of their secrets to wild success; it’s why people connect to them.

So, if you’re embarking on a marketing campaign, think “Coca-Cola”,  keep on advertising, infuse it with a level of consistency that supports your underlying  identity and reap the rewards of consumer recognition!

Until next time